Finding an efficient way to track inventory is essential if your business revolves around its assets; therefore finding an asset management software that meets your company needs is crucial. With a large array of asset management software’s available today, special insight must be taken to determine which management system is a good fit for you.

To help you get a better idea of what should be included in your company’s asset management software, we have listed the five essential features need in an asset management software below.


One of the most important features to ensure is included in your asset management software is easy configuration. A software that takes a long time to learn and that cannot be easily configured is not efficient and, in some cases, can make inventory management more difficult. Software should be flexible and easy to change to fit your company’s needs. What’s the point in investing in software to “make things easier” if in the end it only makes things harder. As mentioned previously, there is such a large array of asset management software; therefore, finding the right one that meets your company’s needs and configuration standards is vital.


Another essential feature needed of an asset management software is the ability to grant multiple users access. It’s important to ensure that all of your team members are able to access your inventory data. When multiple users have access to your company’s system, it makes it easier for your workers to access any and all information. This helps them keep track of what items are running low or are in need of certain maintenance and repair. It also allows them to see when certain assets are being used and at what location.


In today’s day and age, another important feature that is needed of an asset management software is mobile compatibility. Everything is mobile these days and I’m guessing most of your team members are frequently caring around mobile devices. Why not kill two birds with one stone and invest in a software that allows them to access asset inventory and update the database when needed? An asset management software that offers this feature helps your team maintain and access data all at the palm of their hands, which in turn, helps run you company smoothly and makes you inventory data more reliable.


In a perfect world, equipment wouldn’t break and instruments wouldn’t drift out of calibration. However, we don’t live in a perfect world; therefore, it is important to find an asset management system that makes maintenance and repair scheduling easy. By investing in an asset management system that allows you to send in a request for maintenance right then and there, you are saving your own company both time and money.


Many people do not think of the consequences of accidents and natural disasters. If a company’s data is not stored properly or consist of all paper, chances of getting it back after going through an unplanned scenario are not likely. By investing in an asset management software that has cloud back-up, you are ensuring that your data is saved and secure at all times.