Asset Alert Escalation

Asset Alerts and Schedules

Businesses run on schedules. To achieve your company’s objectives, a fine-tuned coordination of people, knowledge, data, tools, materials, and resources must be in place to perform the job at the right time, the requested quality and within the expected cost.


In today’s world, in almost every modern industrial process we can find critical components or tools that need to be periodically calibrated, to assure their role in the process is performed meeting technical and quality requirements.


So, if a sensor needs to be calibrated every 6 months, then someone should take care of scheduling the task of calibrating this sensor twice a year. In an ideal world, it would be as simple as that.


But we are in the real world, and here is where things may become much more complex to manage. The company may own not only one but several dozens of these sensors that require calibration every 6 months. In addition, each one of these sensors has its own calendar and calibration due dates. There is one calibration record for each sensor, and each one has its own associated documentation. The “someone” that was supposed to take care of the calibration calendar may be not really a single person, but a team of people at a calibration lab, a quality manager, or perhaps the purchasing and outsourcing service.


Moreover, depending on the organization size, standards and practices, the calibration calendar might be in a physical cardboard record, in a paperback notebook, a handmade spreadsheet file, or if we are lucky enough, it might be incorporated to an asset management system like Anytime Assets.


Solving Calibration Calendar Needs

Anytime Assets is a cloud-based asset management system, designed from the very inside of the industry. It has the capability to manage unlimited number of assets, keep records of their current location and operational status, store associated maintenance manuals and -the solution to our problem in this article- the calibration calendar of each one of these assets.


This management platform can be customized to meet your process requirements, and at the same time fit to your organization practices.


For example, you can create automated alerts in the management system on a specific asset, so the equipment owner receives an alert message when the equipment is 30 days from being due for calibration. Additionally, an escalation sequence of alerts can be structured, so in this example you can also create an alert to notify the Department Lead when equipment is 15 days from being due for calibration, and finally notify the Quality Manager when equipment is 7 days from being due for calibration.


Calibration Alerts can be customized even further. If the equipment must be sent out of the company for an outsourced calibration service, then an alert could also be sent to the purchasing department, so the supplier can be informed in advance and the calibration slot in the lab can be assigned many weeks before the equipment is due.


e2b calibration is an ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited laboratory, ANSI/NCSL Z540-1-1994 certified and registered with ANAB. Please contact e2b calibration to request a free trial to Anytime Assets and discover a new way to manage your valued assets.



Your entire tool control process can be automated.