Asset Tracking by Transaction

If you want to keep track of the equipment and inventory that are vital to the day-to-day operation of your business then look at the features and functions of Anytime Assets Management System. You will be surprised how easily and speedily those assets are managed and traced. As you do your transactions it is captured by the tracking modules and you can know the exact location of each item at any time in real-time.

An asset tracking system that is accurate, fast, and reliable is extremely important for your business that many companies don’t realize. Unfortunately, many companies who don’t have a handle on their asset management typically suffer from huge financial losses and delays before they begin to seek a better solution. Thanks to the cloud and mobile technology, there is indeed a better way to track your assets. Anytime Assets provides you a platform that is very  intuitive and easy to use. It is cloud-based and can be used on any mobile device.


Anytime Assets has a robust set of features that empower you to track your assets exactly how you want.  You can track your items in your inventory in real-time, 24 hours a day, on the mobile device that you already carry, anywhere where internet is available. You can program an alert so that each transaction provides you with the current location of the item.

When the transaction is of check-in check-out type then it is easy to locate the item the moment it is issued to a user and then returned. You can set up an alert for both transactions and set an alert also if an item is overdue.

Some organizations are still managing their equipment traditionally and doing inventory management by using manual processes, including using spreadsheets on stand-alone computers giving the workers the responsibility of maintaining them. This makes your asset management system unreliable to a point that it results in lost equipment, unreliable inventory information, multiple human errors. This results in hours spent searching for items that you cannot locate. Accurate information needed for accounting, compliance, and customer satisfaction, is critical for any business.

Companies need a more reliable, fast, and accurate means to track their vital inventory – an asset management system that’s not only simple and powerful but completely customizable.


With Anytime Assets you have access to such data as check-in/check-out, maintenance and repair schedules, and history. Within seconds, you can find an asset’s location; identify the user and the condition of the item.


Anytime Assets is completely customizable, enabling you to create your id’s, labels, fields, alerts, notifications, electronic signatures, and reports. You also may lock your work orders to assets logged into the Anytime Assets. You may bring up, review, and share the information needed by your accounting and compliance team, with the assurance that your data is accurate and up to date.


Anytime Assets Management System allows you to monitor and track their physical and digital resources, which is the best way for companies to work more efficiently.  Although technology makes our lives much easier, it can still be a big challenge to know where your assets are at all times, especially when they are moving around constantly.


Many businesses have a selection of physical assets they own that move around and need to be tracked. For that reason, an effective asset and management plan should always have a robust asset tracking system that will help you to do your business efficiently as you will know where exactly are your assets are at any given time. This will save not only time but money too.

Inventory tracking involves tracking of items that businesses never plan to see again, such as items that are consumed or are for sale. These items remain in the inventory for a limited amount of time and are only tracked for a short time until their quantity becomes zero. For example, if you have a store and you are supplying goods to customers you will want to track their goods through the supply chain as long as they remain in stock. Once these items are sold out and their inventory count becomes zero. It does not matter anymore and they need not be tracked. However, asset management also covers goods that are returned to the stores.

The system can track any physical item that a person uses to do their job. This can be anything from construction vehicles to medical equipment to laptops. It can be returnable packaging. It can be a container that is returned to you from your customers. These include bins, racks, gas cylinders, bottles, chemical packaging, drums, etc.  These items are always moving around all the time through with various people having custody of them for a short time. Their original owners don’t want these containers to get lost or misplaced so that they can be reused. Management of these types of assets has multiple issues and challenges associated with them, compared to inventory management which frequently deals with only one-way items.


The solution is to find an asset tracking software that meets your company’s requirements.  Anytime Assets understands the challenge of managing not just physical assets, but also your personnel and tracking them in real-time. That’s why we want to ease your worries by providing you with a system that will give you quick information on whatever assets you own, where they are, and who has them, all in real-time. Contact Anytime Assets for complete details.



Your entire tool control process can be automated.