Asset Transfer Frequency

Efficient management of Supply Chain logistics or Asset transfer is critical for industries to ensure maximum asset utilization and save capital investment on idle assets. Several aspects of asset transfer, such as shipping, tracking the assets, inventory management, planning the transfer schedules, are critical for eliminating bottlenecks. With Anytime Assets, owners can now track, locate and understand the supply chain transfer parameters and efficiently manage idle equipment. Unlike conventional Asset management software, which just provides information on the transaction date, Anytime Assets offers an end-to-end integrated platform where several parameters such as the last asset transaction date, real-time location of the asset, frequency of asset transfer, order status can be visualized. Owners can create customizable alerts to monitor and manage their assets remotely.


Every asset on the Anytime Assets platform is tagged with a unique RFID or QR Code to track its transfer status and real-time location. The data is recorded with timestamps and updated every minute on a secure cloud platform. For remote asset monitoring, owners are provided with secure credentials to log in and visualize transfer data on a dashboard. The Track Transfer dashboard consists of the following assets information:



With the transaction status dashboard, asset owners can sort the data based on the number of transactions (or transaction frequency) to identify critical equipment with maximum transactions and maintain adequate inventory. Assets with zero or most minor transaction frequency are marked as inactive or idle stock. Owners can compare transfer status and frequency at different periods to efficiently plan logistics and optimize supply chain management.


Anytime Assets is an ideal platform across all industries for inventory management. The software can record multiple transaction entries simultaneously and provides owners with real-time information on machine availability. Anytime Assets use secure protocols for data transfer to the cloud, following ISO 27001 data privacy compliance standards. Robust technologies like Barcodes, QR Codes, and RFID tags are used to track the asset transfer status and real-time location, eliminating manual dependency, and avoiding scheduling errors.


Anytime Assets provides you with customized solutions specific to your industry and helps your business grow. With an integrated and secure Cloud-Based environment, the real-time information of all your assets is made available at your fingertips. Anytime Assets can provide you an assets management system that is efficient, intelligent, and secure.  Please contact Anytime Assets for complete details.



Your entire tool control process can be automated.