Cloud-Based Anytime Asset Management System

Anytime Assets is a cloud-based asset management system that allows you to manage and track any inventory item such as equipment, tools, gauges, vehicles, trolleys, or even people online. You can attach images along with any related documents like manuals, warranties, contracts, etc. to quickly identify the item. You can easily track the movement of any item from location to location or you can even use the system to check-in and check-out items just like a virtual tool crib. It has a fully customizable database in which to manage your asset inventory which is available all the time from any location wherever the internet is available.

Most databases previously used to be held in privately owned computers, however, this was insecure and with limited accessibility. Now large and complex business structures are being secured on external servers and becoming accessible through an internet connection on smartphones, tablets, desktops, and laptops.

More businesses prefer to store their vital data on cloud-based systems instead of in-house servers. You may have already moved your critical software into the cloud, but have you ever considered moving your asset management software there, as well?

Let’s see what cloud-based asset management is and whether or not it is a good fit for your company as you work to manage your assets inventory.


Why move into the cloud?

Moving your business operations into the cloud offers some incredible benefits that were not possible using in-house computers. Here are some reasons why an increasing number of businesses are choosing to move into the cloud increasingly year after year:



Having your asset management processes in the cloud means that you will be able to access your data anywhere and have the ability to scale your operations as needed without a huge upfront investment. Web-based asset management software makes it is easy for you to make you upgrade your requirements as your inventory items and locations increase.


Anytime Cloud-Based Asset Management System

When considering cloud-based asset management software options, make sure they have the features your team will need to properly manage your warehouse.


Following is a list of some important features that makes Anytime Assets a useful system:


Depending on your business operations and industry, you may need additional features. Whatever your needs are, just let us know so that we can deliver exactly what you need.


Convenient inventory update

The biggest advantage of cloud storage is that system can be accessed from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. This allows that you can run your business from multiple data sets from different locations directly accessing it via the internet. Besides, the cloud is reachable from any operating system including Windows, UNIX, Android, and IOS.


Improved visibility

With cloud-based asses management in place, you the business owner can keep track of the inventory and item movement across all channels. It helps reduce out of stock incidences and item losses.


Improved customer service

Anytime Assets cloud-based system allows you to check inventory and identity for time-critical and informed decisions. Excellent customer service is an essential pillar of any business success. Cloud-based inventory management helps you to better serve your customers.  You can know about the level of stock, the condition of items, their location, and know shipping options to the customers.


Safety and security

Data and other information are guaranteed when cloud bases asset management is used in your organization. Any changes made are saved automatically. The cloud-based management software ensures security to keep the data safe from cybercriminals. Data backup on storage devices is not needed as all data is kept securely in the cloud remotely.


Cost Reduction

You do not need to do maintenance of both software and hardware on the premises. The system also reduces your capital investment as one need only to invest based on the size of your storage requirements. All of your data is stored offsite, so you don’t need to maintain a server or other hardware.


Real-time visibility

Efficient and useful cloud-based inventory management should be able to operate in real-time. Anytime cloud-based asset management is available via an app on mobile devices and desktop computers. Your workers can easily access the app from any internet-connected device, and they can use it to perform pretty much the same tasks as they can with a desktop solution.


Error reduction

Crucially, cloud-based asset management reduces errors by automation. With a cloud-based system, every stakeholder gets up-to-date information instantly with no risk of incorrect information which saves time and money.


Anytime Assets can provide you with a cloud-based asset management system that understands the demands of today’s fast-paced world and puts all your asset information right at your fingertips. With one-click, you can log into the system on your mobile device or tablet to generate any kind of report about any items and related information, easily and quickly. Please contact Anytime Assets for complete details.