Configurable Alerts in Anytime Assets

One of the most important and useful features of the Anytime Assets management system is the facility of alerts. These alerts can be configured in a variety of ways and conditions to help the users. The system can send you the alerts in multiple ways such as via email or text message on your cell phone, so that you may never forget any important event or activity related to any item.

These alert can be programmed to inform you of upcoming routine maintenance of your instrument, warn you about the return due date of an asset, date of expiry of a warranty or it can be set up for any other conceivable condition, that when met will generate an alert for you to take notice and take immediate action, if necessary.

These alerts can be set up to be delivered to a single person, a group of persons or they can be sent on a company-wide basis about any asset. This will improve the knowledge, increase effective communication and improve productivity within the organization.


Type of alerts that can be set in Anytime Assets


Check-in/Check-out Alerts

The type of alerts most commonly used with asset management systems are notifications generated as a result of different activities on any item. They can range from requests for check-in and check-out of an item, or inform you when an item is overdue, or need approval for of return date. These alerts inform you of the current status of an item in real-time and allow you to take action if required. You’re much more aware of the events that are taking place and the current state of your items. Additionally, email alerts can be sent for audit requests which are an important part of assets management.


Inventory Alerts

You can set alerts on inventory thresholds. Once the quantity of an item reaches a certain level,  inventory alerts can be sent out. As a business owner, you need to receive timely information as the items are being consumed, purchased, checked out, and their stock position in real-time.


Purchase Order Alerts

Also linked with inventory alerts, the asset management system should have the ability to generate purchase orders. This will not only help you to ensure that you can re-order on time and that you never run out of any item from the stock. Items are tracked from acquisition till being consumed or retired. Therefore, whenever an item reaches a low-level volume, a request for re-order can be generated automatically.


Services and Maintenance Alerts

Maintenance management is an important feature of the asset management system. The system can provide alerts for preventive maintenance, routine management, and emergency maintenance and repairs. The system also provides maintenance reports and related records in real-time as required.

You are always aware of asset repairs and maintenance in progress. You can set up email alerts for recurring maintenance work once completed on a piece of equipment. You can also receive alerts when equipment requires a routine service check. All this information can be added as records associated with the item in the assets database.


Work Orders

You can have total control of maintenance and inspection of items by setting up email alerts for work orders. You can also set an alert when calibration is due for an instrument. In this case, an email will be automatically sent to the relevant person responsible for the upkeep and calibration of the device to get it calibrated within the specified time window. Once the calibration is completed a calibration certificate can be added as a record associated with the device.


Reservation and Scan Alerts

Asset management can be quite difficult if the inventory of your items is huge and varied. This is where asset tracking software can be very useful. It can also allow you to reserve items for future use, and even order some more. Reserving items help avoid conflicts and provides a clear picture of item status. You can always set up alerts to be aware of whether a particular item is requested for check out by multiple users. Being the owner of the assets management system you can control the reservation requests for a particular item and know a long time before when an item is reserved for a checkout.


Scan Alerts

It is sometimes useful information to know when an item is being scanned by someone for any reason. You can set up alerts to send you an email notification whenever a scan is carried on an asset tag or label. Such scan alerts can include detailed information about the item and where and who carried out the scan.


Choosing the Best Asset Tracking Software

Asset management alerts can be easily set in Anytime Assets to provide you a comprehensive and robust asset tracking capabilities. You can receive email alerts for the events you’ve subscribed to. These alerts can be set up on the alerts configuration page. The system also provides monitoring capabilities so that you, your management personnel, maintenance staff, your clients, and vendors can have a complete picture of the status of the items,



Anytime Assets is a cloud-based asset management system that understands the demands of today’s fast-paced world and puts all your asset information right at your fingertips. With one-click, you can log into the system on your mobile device or tablet to generate any kind of alert and get information about any item easily and quickly. Please contact Anytime Assets for complete details.



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