Custom Views in Asset Management

Anytime Assets management system helps owners customize the dashboard to sort and segregate the data in their language and visualize the asset-related data’s specifics. Various layers of customization are added to the dashboard, enabling users to virtually observe the status and track the asset at each milestone.


Different Customization options available on Anytime Assets:


  1. Dashboard Customization

  2. Alerts Customization


Dashboard Customization allows owners to visualize the current status of the Asset using the following customization tools:


Alerts Customization


Anytime Assets provides you with customized solutions specific to your industry and helps your business grow. With an integrated and secure Cloud-Based environment, the real-time information of all your assets is made available at your fingertips. Anytime Assets can provide you an assets management system that is efficient, intelligent, and secure.  Please contact Anytime Assets for complete details.



Your entire tool control process can be automated.