Field-level security in Assets Management System

Data security depends on the capabilities of your Assets Management System. Cloud solutions are significantly more secure than your internal on-premise storage. The reason is that most cloud solution providers provide extra security measures comprised of the best security standards and protocols in the industry which may not be feasible at local storage sites.


Data security can be provided at various levels. You may allow record level access at the individual level, but you may have to restrict some fields as they may be more sensitive than the other fields. For these situations, you should use field-level security to control access to specific fields. The field-level security can have an organization-wide scope and will apply to all data access requests based on user access level.


Field-level security settings are an important feature that allows you to restrict users’ access to edit or even view specific fields. There are cases in which management does not want all types of users to view or change specific fields which may be sensitive. This is one of the most important capabilities that a customer demands in assets management software.


AnyTime Assets is capable of managing a large number of records and information. You may not want everyone to be able to access all the data. For example, your finance manager will probably want to keep salary data accessible to only a few managers and relevant staff.


Following data/actions may be controlled:


You can set security on a page level or field level and determine what data a user can view. At an operational level, the most restrictive field access settings apply. For example, you may have a field that is required in a page layout but is read-only in the field-level security settings. In this case, the field-level security will override the page layout security, so the field will remain read-only for that user.


Field-level security is available for the default fields for most entities. Field-level security is managed by the security profiles of the users. You can enable field security for one or more fields for a given entity. You can also associate one more existing security profile, or create new security profiles to grant the appropriate access to the individual user or groups.


You can configure a security profile to allow a user or a group the following permissions at the field level:


You can configure a combination of these permissions to determine the user privileges for a specific data field.


Define field-level security in the following ways:


You may also use field-level security to restrict users’ access to fields, and then use page layouts to organize detail and edit pages within tabs. This will reduce the number of page layouts for you to maintain.


Anytime Assets provides you solutions to help your business grow in a secure environment. As a cloud-based system, it has an almost unlimited capacity to hold large amounts of data that may be necessary for your application. Anytime Assets can provide you an assets management system that is efficient, intelligent, and secure.  Please contact Anytime Assets for complete details.



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