Identifying an Item by Photograph Using Anytime Assets

For most of us, it is difficult to handle numbers and even more so to remember them. Visual cues help us significantly to make sense of complex information and data. You are more likely to remember any information that you have seen visually rather than recall the numbers.

If you struggle to manage too many inventory items in a day, you may miss out on some key information or make a mistake. Visuals, on the other hand, make it easier for you to see the most valuable data in one place, without having to rely on several different platforms.

Normally when you need to search an item in an asset database you enter a keyword to describe each of your idea about the product. If you enter the name or code or location then the search is easier. Still many times you may not be sure that you have located the right item.

Anytime Assets provides the facility that allows each item in the database to be associated with many graphical pieces of information not normally available in an asset management system. These can be documents, manuals, certificates, and most of all photographs.

Anytime Assets is a cloud-based asset management system that manages and tracks any inventory items such as equipment, tools, gauges, vehicles, trolleys, or even people online, but an amazing thing about Anytime Assets is that you can attach images or photographs easily to quickly identify any item.

Searching, locating, and identifying by a photograph is such an advantage in the time-critical industry such as aviation. Numbers may be similar and confusing but a photograph will make things easy for you.

Using Anytime Assets with graphics elements will help you track asset movements easily. It can also make it easier for you to reorder inventory items and materials you need to facilitate your processes. With Anytime Assets you can prioritize tasks and avoid overload on the shop floor. You can share these visuals with different departments in your organization or with suppliers and clients. As a result, you can improve the way you manage your inventories and locate items in your database.

Imagine searching for an item and out pops a photograph of the item that you have seen a thousand times and you know immediately that it is the right object you need. It makes searching so easy.

With Anytime Assets you can easily track the movement of any item from location to location or you can even use the system to check-in and check-out items. It has a fully customizable database in which to manage your asset inventory which is available all the time from any location wherever the internet is available.

Photographs and other attachments that Anytime Assets keeps for each item in its database take up a large amount of storage space, but you don’t have to put up the upfront cost for a large storage system.  Anytime Assets is cloud-based and you can start with small storage space allocation and easily scale up as your database grows, so you save money with little capital investment as you only pay for the storage space you need.

Anytime Assets is suitable for use on almost any type of device that can be connected to the internet. Your smartphone, tablet, desktop, or laptop, can all act as a terminal for Anytime Asset.

The photographs can help in identifying the item visually so that you can be sure that it is the right item. Such visual confirmation is a great help to technicians who are looking for a spare part. Sometimes a photograph of a spare part is important, for example, an image of the shape and size of an electrical connecter is very useful in some cases. On other hand, the condition of a part is useful if available as a photograph.

Anytime Assets is an easy to use cloud-based full-service asset management system that can be useful for your time-critical needs. It puts all your asset information right at your fingertips along with associated graphics and photographs. If your organization is using an old and obsolete asset management system based on local storage, then it the right time to upgrade to a cloud-based system. Not every asset management system comes with all the functionality provided by Anytime Asset. Choose the best so that with just a few clicks you can search and locate the item you need on any of your mobile devices.
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