Preventative Maintenance Assured by AnyTime Assets

An assets management system tracks items such as material, instruments, devices, spare parts, and even vehicles that an organization owns and uses to run their business. This has a  much broader scope as compared to inventory management system which focuses on the stock position of various items. Thus assets management system monitors items that are managed internally or externally, which are not necessarily for sale. Asset management also deals with ensuring asset value and their availability.


Anytime Assets Management system is a cloud-based system that allows easy access of data and information to all employees even on a smart mobile device. It traces the complete life cycle of an asset, from when a company buys it until its final disposal.


Asset management systems are responsible for knowing an asset’s current location, user, condition, calibration or repair date, and storage location. Assets systems can be basic or have a robust set of features and can monitor items in near or real-time and update tallies daily, weekly, or annually. For example, staff may use a few barcode readers to scan tags manually or multiple static readers may scan tags. Real-time monitoring is particularly useful when many people carry items from one site to another.


One of the key features liked by the managers who use Anytime Assets is its ability and capacity to store a lot of information about an item. These can be datasheets, drawings, operating procedures, calibration certificates, and maintenance records.


Maintenance managers like the feature of the record system in which the system keeps track of the maintenance status of any item, instrument, or device. It may be a pump, a digital multimeter, or even a vehicle.


Most of the equipment whether they are electronic, electrical, or mechanical requires some kind of preventive maintenance so that it may operate efficiently and accurately when brought into service. Anytime Assets extends the life of your assets by scheduling maintenance and sending out alerts to the proper person when even ever any preventive maintenance is due. You can even schedule tiered alerts, so that if relevant persons are reminded one month before, then one week before, and even on the due date of scheduled preventative maintenance of an item.


For any reason, if that date is passed and still the work is not yet performed,  then an alert can be sent to the supervisor, manager, and even the big boss, informing them about the job being remained unfulfilled. This assures that all the items have their preventive maintenance jobs performed on time which ensures that the items even if they are in storage for long periods of time remain in working order and will perform perfectly when brought into service. This becomes very important in large organizations where they have thousands of items in their inventory.


Anytime Assets can provide you with a cloud-based asset management system that is very useful for your maintenance staff. You can easily set preventive maintenance alerts with a few clicks. They can log into the system on their mobile device or tablet to learn about the ready status of any equipment easily.  Please contact Anytime Assets for complete details.



Your entire tool control process can be automated.