Summary Views on Dashboard of Anytime Assets

Anytime Assets management system helps you to identify, locate, and monitor important assets, like tools, equipment, and people. A summary of all such information can be provided on the dashboard that you can see on your computer screen. It is a digital representation of the physical objects in your inventory, that you can visually observe and track.

This feature is very useful to both the managers and workers who can any instant know the status of the entire inventory of items and people on a single page.

Let us see an example of such a dashboard. Suppose you run an airport and have thousands of pieces of luggage carts that passengers use to pick up their luggage from the conveyor belts to their cars or buses. These luggage carts are continuously on the move as passengers are taking them from the luggage area to the parking lots and then the airport staff collecting them to stack them back in the terminal building. Even although these carts are moving around in a limited area still some invariably go missing.

This loss is expensive for the airport as it is a loss of revenue and capital. By using the Anytime Assets tracking capabilities the airport management can track each one of their luggage carts. This information can be provided on the dashboard in real-time. The manager can find the lost carts and put them again into service thus saving costs.

By using Anytime Assets management system you can know to whom the assets are loaned, where they are located, and for how long they will be held. You can track your tools, machines, vehicles, and even personnel and all this information can be configured to be provided on the dashboard screen of your computer or smartphone.

You can visualize key asset information on a clear and configurable dashboard. The dashboard can be custom designed to meet your requirements and allow you to get an overall picture of the status of your assets graphically. You can view costs, optimization results, and compliance trend charts, or just about any information on the dashboard.



The Anytime Assets management dashboard tab is accessed easily by navigating from the dashboard list and clicking an element you can see more detailed information about any particular group of assets.

Results are updated regularly so you can be sure that you are receiving the correct status at all times. However, you can also refresh the screen to get the latest status. You can also save the screen and print the information on the printer.

Key performance indicators (KPIs) can graphically be provided on the dashboard so you can get a snapshot of critical performance areas. Anytime Assets can provide you this data on a visual dashboard.

You can configure dashboards that can present data in the form of charts, graphs, tables, etc. You may use color codes to indicate various performance levels.  Additionally, many data intelligence tools will allow you to adjust your KPIs and build measurements to suit the specific needs of a department, division, or the entire plant.

A maintenance manager is mainly concerned about KPIs that have an immediate impact on his area of responsibility and whether performance goals are being met or not. On the other hand, a plant manager may want to look at trends of operational importance across the entire plant. You can set up dashboard views based on the user level that are essential for providing real-time visual information. It will allow the user to know immediately if any action is required to address a particular situation.


Anytime Assets provides you solutions that are designed to capture, track and manage real-time information according to the needs of your plant or facility. Since it a cloud-based system, it can have an almost unlimited capacity to hold enormous amounts of data that may be necessary for your application. Anytime Assets can provide you an assets management system that keeps you up to date with your needs.

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