Tiered Alerts in AnyTime Assets

Assets Management is the key to every business, especially which has multiple departments spread over a large physical area. It keeps everyone in the company know about the status of items, equipment, and personnel at all times.

An important part of the business is to remain up-to-date with all the activities, and have good communication between different team members from various departments. Alerts provide this facility as alerts save both time and money and a core feature on any centralized assets management system. There are multiple ways a business can earn more benefits and a higher return of investment. Tiered alerts can be utilized for better assets management.

Tiered alerts are tools that are used to manage behavior of staff when a defined event occurs, for example ready status of an instrument changes to out-of-service, an alert might send a notification e-mail to the owner of the item.  Alerts are tiered and can be programmed to initiate sequential set of actions at various timed intervals. The alerts continue to occur based on defined time intervals until the particular event is not valid anymore.

System alerts can be set up to notify specific users of a time-sensitive event. For example, Anytime Assets can notify a tool owner when that piece of equipment is due in the next 30 days. If this isn’t addressed, a second alert can be sent out to the department supervisor when the asset is due in 15 days, then a third alert can be sent out to the quality department if it still isn’t addressed when the piece of equipment is due in 7 days.


Tiered can be configured for all type of alerts:


Check-in and Check-out of an item can generate an alert. These alerts inform the users which item had been checked-in or checked-out and let them take any action if necessary.  There can be tiered alerts when an item becomes close to due date, an alert when an item is overdue and finally when an item is returned.


The system lets you see who has access to which equipment, and it can also allow you to reserve items for future use. Items can be reserved if not in stock and one can be alerted when it is nearing its availability and finally when it is available for issue.


Preventive maintenance ensures that an equipment is stocked in working order. You always stay up-to-date with their status in real-time. This is an important application of tiered alerts. Most equipment requires routine preventative maintenance. Tiered alerts can be generated, one month before an item is due for preventive maintenance, one week before another reminder alert, and an alert on the due date. Overdue dates can also result in tiered alerts.  Similarly, tiered alerts can also be sent when an item is due for calibration or when it has crossed its calibration window.


The best way of tracking low inventory thresholds is to set up inventory alerts. AnyTime Assets comes with inventory alert functionality. The number of items in stock can trigger an alert. Tiered alerts can be programmed based on the stock level of each item depending on its consumption rate and replenishment time.


Assets management system needs to have purchase order management capabilities. This will not only help you to reduce excess inventory and increase asset productivity but will also improve the way you do business. Stock positions can be linked with the generation of purchase orders. If a purchase order is not issued for a certain stock level tiered alerts can be configured for that purpose.


Work order execution and completion can be monitored by tiered alerts. If a work order is not completed beyond the planned time tiered alerts can be sent to different levels of management in the organization.


Tiered alerts can be set for any certificates expiring within a particular time frame. If re-certification is required then tiered alerts may be sent at different levels of staff, staggered over time.


You can also configure to send tiered alerts based on your preference of the item, groups, and business locations.


Anytime Assets can provide you with a cloud-based asset management system that puts all your asset information right at your fingertips. With few clicks, you can log into the system on your mobile device or tablet to set up any kind of alerts easily and quickly. Please contact Anytime Assets for complete details.



Your entire tool control process can be automated.