Tiered Alerts with Anytime Assets

Traditional Asset Management systems were previously limited to manual or time-based updates, which meant that information is not real-time and accurate. Delayed actions and emergency alerts can hamper planned production and impact financial stability. Therefore, IIoT and digitalization are forcing industries to adopt integrated Asset Management systems (such as Anytime Assets) to receive updates, alerts, and asset level information in real time. With Anytime Assets software, real-time alerts can be customized according to the Asset owners’ needs which are classified as:



To address in-actions and escalations for a critical and time-sensitive event, Anytime Assets uses the Tiered alerting method, wherein in-action by a tool owner or operator for a specific time interval can be second level escalated as an alert to the Supervisor, and further escalated to the Department head. Tiered alerts are automatically issued at each level if the system detects a lack of progress within a stipulated period.


Tiered assets can be easily explained with a Calibration due to example. On the Anytime Assets’ Summary dashboard, the Operator is notified every day from 30 days to the calibration due date on all his assets. If the Operator fails to act for the next 15 days, a second, escalated tiered alert is sent to the Supervisor about calibration due. The alert shall be sent as an email linked to a spreadsheet with the Asset specific calibration details. Inaction from the Supervisor for the next seven (7) days will trigger a third tire escalation to the Department head through email containing the history of assets and calibration due dates. This ensures that a decision is taken, and the component is ready well in advance, duly calibrated for future projects.


Anytime Assets Asset Calibration dashboard helps our customers track components’ location and status while they are present in the e2b lab for Calibration. Every component sent to our lab is tagged with RFID or QR Code to track the real-time location of the asset. While calibration is due in our Lab, we update the asset information at every milestone as a service to our customers. Unlike conventional calibration services, which seldom provide owners with an update on equipment readiness, e2b calibration services are integrated with the Anytime assets platform for asset owners to visualize real-time updates on the equipment calibration status while the equipment is away from their workshop. Please contact e2b calibration for more information.



Your entire tool control process can be automated.