Tiered Users in Asset Management

One of the aspects of a well-organized Asset Management Software is to provide controlled levels of access to individuals, ensuring data privacy and eliminating redundancy. Although a central library of data in the form of documents, calibration certificates, images, etc., is available for viewing, permissions are set and modified by Asset owners and department heads.


The following table illustrates a sample asset group-A and the Roles & Permissions structure in the Anytime Asset Management software. The sample permissions do not reflect the software’s full permissions set but are intended to reflect variable (tiered) levels of access and control.


Asset Group – A Department Head or Asset Owner Supervisor Technician
Asset Description, Images, Documents, Calibration certificates Yes Yes Yes / No
Last calibration status, Calibration due date Yes Yes/No Yes/No
Transaction status, Physical location Yes Yes/No No
Order ID, Transaction Status, Supply chain logistics Yes No No

Table: Access control for various tiered users on Anytime Assets


Although maintaining various levels of tiered users is complicated for Asset owners, the system of assigning Roles & Permissions on Anytime Assets is as simple as it can be for a three-man workgroup even for a complex global enterprise with multiple departments, sections, brands, and divisions for access and control. Maintaining a Tiered user structure is critical for international organizations, and Anytime Assets offers a simplified and customizable dashboard for decision-makers for access control. The software ensures a structured and accountable system and allows flexibility and scalability with ease, critical for any organization’s success.


Anytime Assets is an ideal platform across all industries for inventory, supply chain logistics, and asset management. The software can allow multiple levels of access control simultaneously and provides individuals with real-time information. Anytime Assets use secure protocols for data transfer to the cloud, following ISO 27001 data privacy compliance standards. Robust technologies like Barcodes, QR Codes, and RFID tags are used to track the asset transfer status and real-time location, eliminating manual dependency, and avoiding scheduling errors.


Anytime Assets provides you with customized solutions specific to your industry and helps your business grow. With an integrated and secure Cloud-Based environment, the real-time information of all your assets is made available at your fingertips. Anytime Assets can provide you an assets management system that is efficient, intelligent, and secure.  Please contact Anytime Assets for complete details.



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