Asset Identification using Images

Maintaining an accurate and up-to-date inventory of all assets in an organization is labor-intensive, tedious, and often challenging. Managers frequently change roles and departments and are often unfamiliar with Asset titles or descriptions. And the task of locating an asset becomes increasingly difficult if a similar category of assets (of various sizes or versions) are grouped at a location, aligning with the 5S principles. This results in loss of critical man-hours. To solve this difficult but important task, Anytime Assets provides inventory managers the provision to upload images to the asset database. Managers can now browse the image database to search and locate an asset.


Anytime Assets also provides managers the facility to store all the critical asset information like calibration certificates, purchasing information, manufacturer warranties, or any other essential documents associated with the assets in a centralized location available to all users, as necessary. This facility avoids the tedious labor of flipping through binders and searching spreadsheets to locate the assets or their related information. Hence, Anytime Assets allows for transparency and centralization by providing efficient document management capabilities associated with a group or individual assets.


Benefits of Tagging Asset Images:


  1. Asset Management softwares have become increasingly efficient in managing, tracking, and locating assets. And so, individuals of all organization levels – managers, engineers, supervisors, and technicians must be equally capable of handling the software. The task becomes easier if images are tagged with each asset, as facilitated by Anytime Assets.
  2. For asset tracking, internal audits, or monitoring the process efficiency, exporting asset information with images makes it visually appealing, and reports are easier to interpret.
  3. Assets or asset groups due for calibration can be identified easily with images associated against each asset on the dashboard.
  4. With the asset images against each asset, a non-technical employee is empowered to track, locate and manage assets.
  5. Man-hours are spent efficiently, with all the necessary data about an asset, i.e., Images, Calibration Certificate copies, warranty, and other essential documents stored with each asset. This avoids peer discussions, manual intervention, and seeking assistance from other departments for asset-related information.
  6. Identifying damaged assets, the condition of the asset after a project or site visit, and warranty claim history can be stored as images for easier access.


With Anytime Assets, we give you the ability to store images and documentation on a secure cloud, centrally for all employees to access data through a secure tired-permission set-up. All asset categories and groups – IT, Office Equipment, Consumables, Non-consumables, and Tools can be grouped and managed efficiently using the dashboard. With each asset, an RFID tagged for managers to track assets and locate physically. To know about real-time tracking using Anytime Assets, click here.


Anytime Assets’ Asset Calibration dashboard helps you add images to assets to facilitate easy interpretation. Though initially developed for the Aviation Industry, we provide customized solutions specific to your industry and help your business grow. With an integrated and secure Cloud-Based environment, the real-time information of all your assets is made available at your fingertips. Anytime Assets can provide you with an assets management system that is efficient, intelligent, and secure.  Please contact Anytime Assets for complete details.



Your entire tool control process can be automated.