Customized Fields in Anytime Assets

Not every business has the exact same requirements and Asset Management Softwares need to be flexible to adapt to organizations’ inventory and operation policies. Anytime Assets system helps owners customize the dashboard to sort and visualize asset-specific information and the fields you need to run your business efficiently. Various filter tools and layers of customization are added to the dashboard, enabling owners to virtually observe the status and track the asset at each milestone.


With Customized field options, asset owners and managers can now add/remove and edit dashboard fields to meet their specific use case. About twenty various editable fields are available with Anytime Assets for owners to add to their tracking dashboards:


  1. Asset ID: Each Asset logged on to the software is assigned a unique Asset ID to assist managers in sorting the asset and track with a standard naming convention
  2. Alternate Asset ID: Alternate Asset ID can be assigned to facilitate engineers to group assets for a specific project or task
  3. Asset Description: Information (Type, Model number, and Brand) of the asset is presented on the dashboard for owners to sort the assets based on the availability and ensure zero downtime loss.
  4. Asset Location: This information is helpful for asset owners to track the location code and determine the lead time for delivery at the warehouse.
  5. Asset Status: Depending on the asset’s calibration completion status, it is marked “Active” or “ Active status defines that the asset is calibrated and is ready for dispatch. Inactive explains that calibration is still underway.
  6. Calibration Cycle: The calibration cycle differs for each asset type or equipment. This field facilitates owners to plan inventory prior to calibration dates.
  7. Calibration Due Date: Due date denotes the following calibration schedule for an asset. Owners can create custom alarms on the Anytime Asset platform to remind them before the calibration certificate expires.
  8. Calibration Purchase Order: The status of purchase orders placed for asset calibration can be reviewed. Filtering assets based on calibration dates along with the calibration purchase order status can give managers an update on assets due for calibration.
  9. Facility Location: Each asset on Anytime Assets can be assigned to a specific facility, whose address can be tagged to the asset. This field can facilitate internal and external audits.
  10. Item ID: Similar to asset ID, each component of an integrated asset can be given an Item ID.
  11. Last Calibration Date: Once the equipment is calibrated by e2b, the previous calibrated date is updated with the timestamp to help owners know that the equipment is ready for dispatch.
  12. Location: Owners can affix assets with RFID tags and track the real-time location using the dashboard
  13. Maintenance Date: Maintenance dates can be added to facilitate owners to sort and plan Predictive maintenance activities
  14. Order Status: The order status field is updated on the dashboard based on the delivery of goods and assets.
  15. Physical Location: The software allows owners to identify the asset location using RFID and QR codes. If calibration is underway, the Lab location is displayed on the dashboard. The dashboard updates the physical location once calibration is completed and the equipment is dispatched from the e2b lab.
  16. Serial Number: Anytime Assets facilitates owners to add documents, reference material, and serial numbers to the assets. Serial numbers are often used by inventory and stores departments to identify inventory, inward and outward entries.
  17. Reference IDs: Upto three different reference IDs can be added to assets.


Learn more about Customization options on Anytime Assets here

Anytime Assets allows for complete customization, so the fields you need to run your business efficiently are available to you. Using our secure asset portal, users can edit and add information on each asset, making Anytime Assets scalable and flexible no matter where your business ends up taking you.


Anytime Assets’ Asset Calibration dashboard helps you add customized fields to monitor and review asset-related information remotely. Though initially developed for the Aviation Industry, we provide customized solutions specific to your industry and help your business grow. With an integrated and secure Cloud-Based environment, the real-time information of all your assets is made available at your fingertips. Anytime Assets can provide you with an assets management system that is efficient, intelligent, and secure.  Please contact Anytime Assets for complete details.



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