Complex Filtering with Asset Management Software

An essential feature of Asset management software is allowing owners to visualize asset data through various customization tools and filtering. It is especially critical for integrated asset management systems such as Anytime Assets, which accommodate various assets and provide an end-to-end management and tracking solution.


With complex filtering on Anytime Assets, several customization features are enabled on the dashboard for owners to set up and save the following filters:











Anytime Assets handles various assets with a provision for owners to filter and save set-up according to their process needs. Owners can filter several asset categories and monitor the real-time progress on several parameters such as transaction dates, real-time location, asset transfer frequency, order status, and inventory on their dashboard. The platform provides owners control over their assets by access from any part of the world. Unlike several closed-platform asset management software, which provides a set of built-in asset filters, Anytime Assets is designed to accommodate complex filters.


The platform is designed to be user-friendly, and owners can now upload tool images (Ex: tool image after a job, to record its physical condition), calibration certificates (Ex: automatically updated by the e2b calibration agency after calibration), SOPs, Operation manuals, etc. and so, the platform acts as a single point source for all information related to the asset. Once the asset is logged, owners can create customizable alerts to stay updated on their transaction status and manage their assets remotely, in real-time.


Anytime Assets Asset Calibration dashboard helps you add complex filters to remotely understand and enhance asset management processes. We provide customized solutions specific to your industry and help your business grow. With an integrated and secure Cloud-Based environment, the real-time information of all your assets is made available at your fingertips. Anytime Assets can provide you an assets management system that is efficient, intelligent, and secure.  Please contact Anytime Assets for complete details.



Your entire tool control process can be automated.