Search Assets using Filters

Conventional closed-platform asset management softwares can manage a particular asset type with specific built-in features. However, Anytime Assets is designed to accommodate all assets categories – Calibrated tooling, Non-calibrated tooling, Consumables, Non-consumables, Fixed assets, Portable assets, etc. Hence, Anytime Assets is considered a universal asset management platform wherein owners can log in all asset categories and monitor parameters such as last asset usage, transaction date, real-time location of the asset, frequency of asset transfer, order status, and inventory.


In addition to the above parameters, related documents and certificates can also be stored for easy retrieval for every asset registered on the platform. All the asset information is securely stored on a cloud and easily accessed through a login dashboard. The stored data is safe and un-tampered, with a tired permission system is inbuilt into the software to give owners control over their assets and asset-related access. Therefore, the platform is user-friendly and appeases all organization scales and levels.


For such an accommodative platform with various customizable fields, it is necessary to provide easy Search Filters to customers without getting lost in mining the data. Unlike SAP, Excel, and other asset management software with complex sort and filter methods, Anytime Assets provides an easy “item search field,” where users can type the exact name or a part of the asset name to filter the assets. The dashboard intelligently searches the database for the typed asset name, retrieves the assets, sorts the data, and presents the related assets on the dashboard. Users can scroll to find the asset they were looking for and its related information with just a cursor click.


With Anytime Assets, owners can now take advantage of the single dashboard to search and filter all calibrated and non-calibrated tools. This facilitates and speeds up the auditing process and paves the way for remote audits. All the asset-level data and transactions are updated in real-time. We use advanced RFID technology, barcodes, or QR Codes, to track the status and physical location of the asset.


With Anytime Assets, we give you the ability to store and search assets using simple filters on a secure cloud. The information is centrally stored for all employees to access with a fast tired-permission set-up. Each asset tagged with an RFID facilitates users to track assets during calibration and track each asset-related transaction. To know about real-time tracking using Anytime Assets, click here.



Your entire tool control process can be automated.